Brit Schönenberger, Schoenenberger Advisory Services
Brit Schönenberger
Managing Director
Schoenenberger Advisory Services

Brit Schönenberger works as a non-executive director, advisor and consultant in connected mobility, leasing, and the automotive aftermarket.

Over the last years, she has held several international non-executive board roles in leasing and automotive companies, a.o. Chair of the Board of Directors of 7Gen, the first company in Canada that supports deploying electric medium and heavy-duty fleets with an electric vehicle and charger leasing model.

Brit has been working for over 30 years in the automotive industry, of which 14 years at LeasePlan as Managing Director of LeasePlan Supply Services and LeasePlan Switzerland. She is associated with the Swiss Leasing Association and acts as the President of the self-regulatory organization and as a guest lecturer on innovations in leasing.

Last year, she completed a postgraduate degree in Applied Technology at ETH Zurich where she gained the latest academic insights a.o. on energy storage, electric power grid systems and practical applications of electrification.